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A simple recipe for jam from watermelon peels with step by step photos

We always look forward to the onset of the watermelon season, because there are few people who do not like sweet juicy watermelons. As a rule, we eat only sweet red flesh and do not even realize that you can make an incredibly tasty delicacy out of watermelon rinds that we usually throw away!

Here it should be noted that for the jam of watermelon rinds you need to use the hard part of the pulp, which has a green color and, of course, cut off the hard peel. But how nice then in the winter to open a jar with a fragrant delicacy that smells in the summer, to plunge into pleasant memories and enjoy this amazing taste.

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Step-by-step recipe will help you, because everything is quite simple! The most difficult process is cutting of crusts. And then everything is absolutely simple - we fall asleep with sugar and be sure to let the crusts soak in it and put the juice on, then boil the mass in a slow cooker or saucepan until cooked for 40 minutes.

What is remarkable - the delicacy is not sugared, transparent tender pieces of crusts float in a sweet aromatic syrup, so it can be served in creamer on a festive table.

Ingredients for making watermelon peel jam:

  • watermelon peels (in purified form) - 1 kg
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • lemon fruit (optional)

Cooking jam from watermelon peels:

The best option for preparation is when we cut the washed watermelon into slices, cut out the tender red flesh and serve it to the table, and then we work on crusts. To make the jam more sweet, we try to leave some sweet red flesh on the green hard part. Hard peel must be cut with a peeler, and we only have the green part of the crust.

Cut the prepared crusts into small pieces.

At this stage, you can add crushed lemon with the skin to get a sweet-sour taste.

Add sugar.

Stir well.

We maintain a mass of 2-4 hours, during which time it releases juice.

We shift the crusts into a multi-cooker tank and prepare them in the "quenching" mode for about 40 minutes. You can cook in a saucepan with the lid closed.