The most dangerous signs of the zodiac, according to the FBI, rating

A horoscope can tell us a lot, both about our personality and about our future, and also tell us about the troubles we face or what chances the fate will give us. In addition, the horoscope can reveal the secret, what are the most dangerous signs of the zodiac and what crimes you can expect from them.

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Thus, the FBI of the United States provided statistics on the crimes committed, while astrologers conducted an analysis according to them and compiled a list of the most dangerous zodiacal signs.

The most dangerous signs of the zodiac

12. Twins. This is the least dangerous sign, criminals are rarely found among Gemini. The maximum that they are capable of is for petty crimes arising from their dual nature.

11. Aquarius. He has a very kind heart, as well as an exaggerated sense of justice. These people are strong, charismatic, smart, so victims are often found among them, and not criminals.

10. Leo. Although this is one of the most terrible animals, this zodiac sign is not the most dangerous among people. Even his natural impulsiveness will not cause a murder. Rather, on the contrary, because of their fervor, they more often than others get into trouble.

9. Scales. Restrained and good zodiac sign. He can tolerate for a very long time until he is abused. Only in this case, he is able to commit a crime. By the way, they usually go to this step because of a naturally inflated sense of justice.

8. Virgo. This is a very calm and balanced sign, so it is very difficult to drive them out of themselves. But who will manage to do this - not be good, they can kill. Moreover, they do it carefully and thoughtfully, they cannot do it in another way, because they are so fond of order in everything.

7. Fish. They are compassionate and sensual, friendly and not vindictive. Therefore, it is difficult for them to commit a crime. However, they are not sinless: a natural propensity to addiction can make them serial maniacs who brutally kill the victim.

6. Capricorn. Statistics show that this zodiac sign is the average criminal. They value the law, they always live by the rules. But still there are murderers among them. They rarely kill, but if they start, it is very difficult to stop them - they enter into a rage.

5. Scorpio. These are petty sadists. If they get angry, then this sign is capable of much: famous for its bloodthirstiness. But the worst thing is that after the crime Scorpios do not feel guilty, which pushes them again and again to continue their dangerous business.

4. Aries. It is better not to argue with him, because those who tell him that Aries is wrong, may regret. In anger, this sign is very dangerous - it will kill without thinking. Then, of course, he will step back and forgive, but the crime will be committed, and the victim will not be revived!

3. Sagittarius. He is vindictive, so he never forgives. Among the representatives of this sign are many leaders of criminal groups who committed massacres.

2. Taurus. This is one of the most dangerous signs of the zodiac. Stubborn, capricious and vindictive. In anger is terrible. However, due to his natural rationality, he rarely goes for an independent murder, he will always find those who come to the rescue in this matter. But a scammer from Taurus is notable, he has no equal here.

1. Cancer. The most dangerous sign of the zodiac. May kill because of jealousy or mood swings. There are quite a few scammers and murderers among them.

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So, the most terrible criminal among fire signs is Sagittarius, the most dangerous air sign is Aquarius, the earth Taurus is all his temperament, and the main “water” thug is Cancer. Fearfully?