5 obvious signs that your man does not respect you

Every woman dreams that love and understanding always reign in her family. And, if at the beginning of a relationship a man showered his beloved with compliments, presents with presents, carries them in his hands in the literal and figurative sense, then with time in some couples everything changes. Instead of kind and flattering words, a woman hears only reproaches and criticism, she is always pointed out to her shortcomings and mistakes. No longer have to talk about some kind of fiery feelings, since there is not even respect. It is about him and I would like to talk. These are signs that your man does not respect you.

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Signs that your man does not respect you

  1. Does not take into account your needs. Compromise is the foundation of ideal relationships. If your other half is not ready to make concessions for you, then this is the first sign of disrespect. Moreover, his obstinacy can manifest itself in everything from the choice of a film for a joint evening viewing and ending with more serious decisions - the purchase of real estate or a car, the expansion of a business or the completion of a family.
  2. No support. A man who loves will always be on the side of his second half, because he sincerely wants his beloved to be pleased and happy. If he is indifferent to her feelings, experiences and emotions, then it is worth thinking about the reasons for such an attitude. By the way, women are often to blame when they constantly complain, but even in such a situation, a loving person will listen or at least pretend and will not be annoyed and indifferent.
  3. Does not respect your family and friends. If he is disrespectful of your family and your friends, this means that he does not have respect for you. People close to you are your part of life, from which you should not refuse in any way, otherwise you will cease to be yourself.
  4. Constant criticism and control. Whatever you do, he will surely condemn and criticize for the slightest mistake. It may even begin to call names and, if initially it can be the words “silly”, “fool”, etc., then soon they turn into “stupid” and “silly”. In no case should he forgive him.
  5. Does not listen to you. You can’t wait to come home to tell your beloved one about today's successes at work. However, you understand that he simply does not listen to you. And this is a bell that your relationship went downhill. Being open to the other half, having a conversation or a serious discussion is of great importance for the relationship. If this does not happen, it becomes clear that he does not respect you.

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Respect in a couple is expressed in thousands of everyday trifles, ranging from open doors to a loved one and ending with the words spoken at the meeting and parting. Respect is not a commonplace politeness, it is a pledge of long and strong relations.