5 signs of the zodiac that are at risk of being alone

People treat loneliness differently. For some, this is a terrible threat, for others - an unattainable dream. Why is that? Authoritative answers to this question are usually given by psychologists, turning inside out our soul and all the ins and outs. We went the other way: interviewed astrologers. Yes, the character traits, habits and needs of people are different, but in the horoscopes the personal qualities of the representatives of the 12 zodiac signs have long been analyzed and detailed. Which ones are left alone? Let's see what the stars told about this.

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Zodiac signs, which often remain alone


In pursuit of a goal, people of this sign overlook obstacles. Such determination is amazing, but often because of her Aries hardened heart. Close people do not always like stubbornness and egoism. They are either estranged, or just shamelessly enjoy the benefits that fall to them (by the way, usually in considerable quantities). Reaching the career and financial heights, Aries often do not pay attention to such "trifles". And when everything already happens, not everyone has enough endurance and vital energy for cardinal changes.

Another variant of the development of the situation: the desire to achieve the location of a partner who is “too tough”. The process is captivating, for purposeful Aries, everything is within its power. But, having won the heart of someone who seemed so important and necessary, stubborn people feel tired. Because of this relationship fade.


Practicality. Demanding Focus on results. These qualities allow Capricorn to effortlessly achieve the desired in almost any field of activity. Only in personal relationships they interfere. Too scrupulous rational stubborn. Without the slightest remorse of conscience, Capricorns exclude from the circle of communication people who do not correspond to their ideas about life. And even harmful hornbills are ambitious. Often, fascinated by a career, they do not find time for personal happiness. They postpone it to a distant "later", without thinking that it might not happen.


“Loyalty to others” - this term for diehard knights and iron ladies simply does not exist. Like Aries, Tauruses are purposeful, moreover, they like to achieve the desired at a rapid pace. Their "halves" do not withstand the pressure, escape from ambitious partners. Another misfortune is the rejection of relationships, which for some reason seem to be Taurus wrong. Even if it is a great love. A lot of Taurus in old age are left alone or alongside those who regularly check the strength of their endless patience. Who knows which is better?


Self-confidence and love of freedom - the primary character traits of the representatives of this sign. It is because of them among the Aquarius many singles. Only, as a rule, the absence of society does not only bother them, but makes them happy. Well, let him give water to no one, but there is plenty of free time for knowledge and inventions.

And somewhere in the depths of the soul, these lonely geniuses believe that very soon someone will be able to understand and appreciate them.


Intellectuals. Perfectionists. Idealists. These personal qualities Dev often interfere with them to establish normal personal relationships. Partners who are objectively worthy do not withstand constant competition and endless stinging remarks. You must admit that in love it is absolutely useless. Another thing, when the second half does not reach a high level, initially is under guardianship. In such situations, the Virgin is revealed as caring "mommies" and "daddy."

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These are the 5 signs of the zodiac, which, as a rule, remain alone. Yes, horoscopes can be endlessly challenged. Proving yourself and others that all this is nonsense. Do you need it? After all, it is much more useful to read, comprehend and draw the right conclusions. And it’s not a fact that if you are Cancer or, for example, Leo, then loneliness does not threaten you.