5 signs of the zodiac that do not know how to love

Not everyone can love, as described in the fairy tale, although everyone dreams about it. We are all different, and often the constellation under which we were born affects our character and temperament. So, astrologers have identified 5 zodiac signs that do not know how to love. Here we will tell about them.

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Zodiac signs that do not know how to love


People born under this sign of the zodiac, easily confess their love without feeding their passionate feelings. For them, the phrase "I love you" is not important. Gemini is often used only to attract the person she likes. To lie to a partner for them is not difficult, so among them there are many fans to go left. In addition, this sign is quite active by nature, so few of them dream of a wedding and children, their life is oppressed. If they still decide to create a family, then under one condition - the partner must provide them with a bright life. Everything else, the Twins do not give, but only take, you need to get used to it, in a different relationship will not develop. The gap they perceive with ease.


They are connoisseurs of freedom and independence in connections, so they need feelings without commitment. They will always come to the aid of a partner, support in a difficult situation, but for a long time they are not enough, the troubles of them. As for passion, at first it just boils up, but after the end of the bouquet and candy period, Aquarius begins to get bored, withdrawing into itself. There may be a feeling that a person in front of you is so tired of life that nothing and no one is happy about it. They themselves will never break up, often out of pity for the second half. However, it is very difficult to endure life with them - often you just want to escape from their dullness and lack of initiative.


This is a cruel zodiac sign and very closed. True, to be frank with them, they will be able to open up. In marriage, they often go into themselves, it is vitally necessary for them: they disconnect from problems and troubles. Their natural unpredictability spoils the impression about them: today he is cheerful and moronic, playful and all-forgiving, and tomorrow he is aggressive and sarcastic. To love him, you need to be a very patient person. In short, the Scorpions are not a gift at all, and they can never truly love them.


Stubborn, petty and selfish Capricorn in a relationship often shifts the initiative onto the shoulders of a partner, continuing his bachelor lifestyle. They prefer to spend time more alone than with the other half, they rarely take care, but toughness is natural. They like to argue because of trifles, rarely compromise, almost never apologize, even if they understand that they are guilty. They are excellent leaders, and in their personal lives they cannot turn off the function of control, which often makes it difficult to develop a love affair in the necessary direction.


This sign does not know how to feed tender feelings. Usually he is looking for someone with whom he will be comfortable. Crawfish are romantics and fascinating personalities, but only at the beginning of the novel. Having achieved their, move away as common sense tells them. One should not expect strong emotions from representatives of this sign, as they are boring by nature. Crayfish are excellent for others, but they cannot love with the soul. In addition, Rakov oppresses a quiet pastime, but an excess of problems, too, knocks them out of a rut. This sign likes to live according to a schedule, even in an intimate life.

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Compatibility in love according to the astrological horoscope is not yet an indication that you perfectly match each other. After all, a partner may offend their inability to express feelings. Of course, this is not an indication that if you meet someone from the 5 signs of the zodiac that do not know how to love, you will be disappointed. Even if they are restrained in emotions, believe me, these people will still be able to give you happiness.