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The best children's toothpastes without fluoride, a list

What is the best fluoride-free children's toothpaste? This topic is actively discussed caring parents, worrying about the health of kids. Still, after all, smart advertising regularly informs us that we used to radically incorrectly care for the oral cavity, and only with the help of this achievement in dental science can mistakes be fixed: save teeth and gums. Another question, is it necessary? And the next element of the logical chain: does all the kids fit this hygiene product? We offer simple answers, confirmed by dentists, plus a bonus - a list and characteristics of the options that most often buy and praise.

Do I need fluoride in children's toothpaste?

Sensible parents understand that proper oral hygiene is extremely important since the first tooth appeared. Careful care is guaranteed to reduce the need for visits to the dentist, improves overall health. And everyone wants their kids to really smile beautifully!

Only the topic of using children's toothpaste with or without fluoride is the subject of many years of controversy between dentists and pediatricians. Here are the arguments "for" and "against" both sides.

The former insist that fluoride compounds are necessary because:

  • resist caries;
  • strengthen bone tissue;
  • partially bleached;
  • remineralize enamel.

The latter emphasize that an excess of fluoride provokes the development of fluorosis. Because of this disease, white markings first appear on the enamel, which gradually change color: turn yellow, and eventually brown. Teeth lose strength, are destroyed. In addition, the element is toxic, if its concentration in the body is higher than normal, there are serious pathologies of the circulatory and respiratory systems, and inhibition in development.

When carrying out hygiene procedures, the children often do not rinse their mouths properly, swallow the remains of the paste, which are also often flavored with fruit or other flavor enhancers. Hence the problem.

Currently, physicians have made several compromise decisions on who should recommend fluoride-free children's toothpaste.

  • Children up to 5 years.
  • Residents of regions with an increased content of fluoride in water and the environment (mainly the settlements of the Central and Siberian districts).
  • According to individual indications.

In other situations - only on prescription.

The best toothpaste without fluoride for children: a list compiled by the recommendations of dentists

The choice is not just great, it is huge. Only on Yandex.Market about 2000 offers are presented. We analyzed the maximum options, forming the top 10 most popular toothpastes without fluoride for children. Attention, promised bonuses.

1. R.O.C.S., fragrant chamomile

The composition for the smallest smells, is absolutely safe, because it does not contain harmful chemicals. The main components: xylitol, chamomile extract, natural alginate. Pleases and spectrum of action: mild cleansing, anti-caries and anti-inflammatory effect, the normalization of the microecology of the oral cavity (stop thrush). The only negative is the limited shelf life (a month after the removal of the protective membrane).

  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Age category - 0 to 3 years.
  • Tube volume - 45 g.
  • Approximate price - 175-200 rubles.

We also focus on the fact that in the product line of this manufacturer there are 8 more versions of fluoride-free toothpastes with different tastes for children older than three years.


Japanese manufacturers are sensitive to the health of babies, offering them objectively safe products. The secret ingredient of this compound is medical hydroxyapatite nanoparticles enriched with calcium and phosphorus. The claimed effects: the destruction of caries at the initial stage, ensuring the smoothness and strength of the enamel, the regeneration of microscopic bone defects, removal of plaque. A small “drop of tar” is a price indicator, which, alas, frankly scares many.

  • The country of origin is Japan.
  • Age category - from birth.
  • The volume of the tube - 60 g.
  • Approximate price - 1000-1100 rubles.

3. President Kids, Fruit Jelly (with a taste of marmalade)

Small caprices are rarely when they brush their teeth in ohotku, but with this miracle remedy everything is different. The magic taste of sweets makes the procedure a pleasure. Parents are delighted: the children are not harmful, but the composition works (protects against caries, strengthens enamel, remineralizes).

  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Age category - 3-6 years.
  • The volume of the tube - 50 ml.
  • Approximate price - 120-150 rubles.

4. Weleda, Children's Calendula Paste-Gel

Natural, safe and high-quality German product. Basis - organic ingredients. The mix of essential oils, alginate and silicic acid provides a soft but reliable cleansing, a balance of oral microflora, and care for gums. By the number of accolades users leads this particular gel.

  • The country of origin is Germany.
  • Age category - 3-6 years.
  • The volume of the tube - 50 ml.
  • Approximate price - 265-400 rubles.

5. Natura Siberica (LITTLE), with organic raspberry extract and sea buckthorn oil

Three main advantages of the product: availability, effect, naturalness. The basis - natural ingredients, in addition to those mentioned in the name of the plant contains extracts of soap root, mountain ash, yarrow, cedar elfin. Minus - a specific bite like not all kids.

  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Age category - from 3 years.
  • The volume of the tube - 50 ml.
  • Approximate price - 240-270 rubles.

6. Lapikka, with calcium and micronutrients Junior, Strawberry mousse

Specificity: focused on the period of replacing milk teeth with molar teeth. The product, enriched with phosphorus and calcium, strengthens the enamel, protects the gums from the influence of harmful microorganisms, and has an anti-caries effect.

  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Age category - from 7 years.
  • The volume of the tube - 74 g.
  • Approximate price - 95-120 rubles.

7. SPLAT, Juicy ICE-FROZEN (intensive fortification)

Domestic analogue of the Japanese APADENT Kids, which is 12 times cheaper. Calcium and phosphorus supplement - aloe vera gel. This paste not only gently cleanses, protects against caries, restores microdamages, but also moisturizes and levels the enamel. Very good option.

  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Age category - no information.
  • The volume of the tube - 35 and 50 ml.
  • Approximate price - from 70 rubles. and higher.

8. Siberian health, Zhivinka

Almost natural product. We focus on the content of propolis and natural sweetener stevia. In addition to these ingredients, sorbitol, xylitol, cosmetic clay, extracts of cranberry, sea buckthorn, hawthorn are also present. When used, it perfectly removes plaque, protects against cariogenic bacteria, freshens breath. Minus - potentially allergenic components (phenoxyethanol, sodium monofluorophosphate, calcium glycerophosphate).

  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Age category - 3-8 years.
  • The volume of the tube - 50 ml.
  • Approximate price - 125-140 rubles.

9. Twin Lotus, Kids, Strawberry and Chamomile

This product is popular with lovers of Thai care products. There is really no fluorine in the composition, as well as organic components. With the stated functions (cleansing, strengthening enamel, antibacterial action) copes. True, ambiguous reviews. Both extremely enthusiastic and angry come across. Users complain about the chemical taste, they need to strengthen quality control.

  • The country of origin is Thailand.
  • Age category - 3 to 10 years.
  • The volume of the tube - 50 g.
  • Approximate price - 220-260 rubles.

10. Longa Vita, Angry Birds Banana Split

Russian products made by German technology. The main advantages: gentle abrasiveness, the absence of frankly harmful components. Focused on sensitive teeth.

  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Age category - from 2 years.
  • The volume of the tube - 75 g.
  • Approximate price - 110-140 rubles.

That turned out to be a dozen of the best children's toothpastes without fluoride. The information is provided solely for the purpose of familiarization, because they do not experiment with the health of babies. If you disagree with something, or maybe you want to add to our authors, please unsubscribe in the comments.