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Arctic fox fur coats: fashion models 2019, tips on choosing

Ladies in fluffy fur coats look like a lady. It is a pity that sable and silver foxes are available only to rare lucky women, and fur products made of flame-back or red fox are not distinguished by a variety of styles. A good choice is a warm, but light, luxuriously fluffy fox fur coat. Designers are eager to experiment with the chic fur of fur-bearing animals, which is why new models regularly flash on the catwalks, one more beautiful than the other. By the way, pastel-colored vests, sewn in the caterpillar style, are relevant now except in a remote province. Trending other aspects.

Arctic fox coats: fashion trends 2019

Considering the peculiarities of the fur, models that are only half a length long are sewn only on order. This is explained in the first place by practical considerations: can you imagine what the fluffy hem will turn into if you regularly “sweep” the pavement?

Fashion options 2019:

  • straight knee-length models;
  • Convenient "avtoledi" beloved by young ladies;
  • short (to the waist) razletayki;
  • Transformers 4 in 1.

We all know about the main lack of fox fur: over time, the pile turns yellow. Solution found. So that the furry beauty-fur coat doesn’t lose its elegance, the skins are painted before sewing. The current trend of 2019 is bright shades: yellow, crimson, turquoise. An alternative for those who are not ready to wear such catchy things is the color “under the sable” and all the gradations of the beige scale.

And a little more about the details of fashionable polar fox fur coats. In trend:

  • lack of collar;
  • elongated, as in the fabulous Pierrot, sleeves with cuts, or option 3/4;
  • detachable hood;
  • diagonal or horizontal connection of skins.

How to choose a fox fur coat? What to look for?

It is important to understand that the more scrupulously you check the product upon purchase, the more likely it will last several seasons. On average, you can count on 3-5 winters. The maximum wear resistance of unpainted blue fox fur is 7 seasons.

First, pay attention to the external characteristics of the fur. Villi should be shiny and elastic. Serious defects: bald patches, stuck hairs. If any part of the coat for a few seconds, squeeze tightly in a fist, wrinkle a little and, releasing, hold it over the palm, the canvas should quickly straighten out.

Secondly, check the undercuts. It should be thick and uniform.

Thirdly, if there are no locks on the lining, do not hesitate to ask the seller to tear the seam to check the core (the inner surface of the skin). Famous manufacturers put on each piece a seal with a bar code, through which you can find out the date of manufacture and the birthplace of the product. Requirements for the core: color - beige or slightly grayish, the surface is elastic, with no noticeable defects. Dryness, the presence of yellowness and small cracks indicates that the product was sewn from stale old skins.

An important nuance is the price of the fox fur coat. The minimum benchmark in the mass market is $ 250. Exclusive models are three to four times more expensive.

What to wear with a fox fur coat?

The voluminous fluffy top doesn’t fit well with long fluffy skirts, wide trousers and boho-style dresses. Images with scarves and coarse-knit hats seem completely wild. Such a disgrace can afford only the ladies who do not care about fashion and their own appearance.

Under cropped sleeves, you just need to wear long, elbow-length gloves.

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Fox fur coats look beautiful over tight knitted dresses, go well with pencil skirts, straight trousers. And slender ladies can even wear shorts or a defiant mini if ​​they are not afraid to freeze.