How to make him fall in love? 7 rules for winning a man

Every woman has her masculine ideal, and if you are lucky to meet him, the only desire that arises is to quickly fall in love with him. But the question is how to achieve this? How to make a man fall in love? First of all, you need to remember that it will not be possible to do it by force, because if you are not in his taste, it means outwardly (after all, everyone has his own favorite type, someone loves big-breasted brunettes, and someone with long-legged blonde ), you probably shouldn't hope for a positive result. But you can try, of course. And secondly, you should stand out against the background of others (about blue hair and a body completely covered with a tattoo, not talking) with your unpredictability and uniqueness. And in no case can not be intrusive. However, better about everything in more detail.

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So how to make him fall in love? 7 rules for winning a man

  • Conquest of Everest. Everyone knows that the representatives of the stronger sex are by nature hunters, who are striving to get what they want with all their strength, respectively, you need to become his dream, for which he is ready to move mountains and conquer the sea. Do not be accessible and open book, let you be mysterious and understatement. Men appreciate what they have won.
  • Personal space. The mistake of all women, that they do not give their men to "breathe freely," constantly monitor his every step and every breath. A man should have time for gatherings with friends, and for car repairs, and for watching football. His life must be filled with you, but not overflowing.
  • Relationships should not be built only on sex. It is very important that a man and a woman, in addition to intimate relationships, have other interests. Sports, walks, conversations, forays into nature, as well as shopping, cinemas and nightclubs, restaurants and get-togethers with friends. You should be comfortable together not only in bed, but also outside.
  • Be interesting and interested. Men, like women, love interesting people who have their own thoughts and their own opinions. You do not need to have a degree, but you should be able to interest a loved one. But do not talk without ceasing, you must try and listen carefully, asking reasonable questions. A man should know that he is listened to and heard.
  • Always be alert. It is impossible not to agree with the opinion that if a man saw a woman not in the best possible way - without make-up, tear-stained or with a red nose from a cold, and stayed with her, then it speaks of his true feelings. Yet at the beginning of a relationship it is desirable to look your best! The hair is washed and combed, natural make-up (mascara and lip gloss is enough), a pleasant aroma of perfume ... Your appearance is the first thing he will notice in you, so try to be always well-groomed.
  • Do not rush things. If you are not sure that your relationship is strong, then give up the idea of ​​introducing the guy to all your family and friends, friends and colleagues in the near future. This will only scare him. Of course, you should not turn into spies either, the best option is to first introduce him, for example, to a close friend, and then gradually increase the circle of acquaintances.
  • Everything should be in moderation. If you live in a house with pink wallpapers and walls decorated with fairies, then it is advisable to revise your interior, as this sort of search may frighten the boys. Give him a bit of male space, for example, plug in sports programs in which they will talk about football and basketball. Do not overload it with women's tricks, otherwise he wants to run away from their abundance very soon, so he will spend less time with you.

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Of course, to lure the guy into your network, you need to try, but never replay, always remain by itself. After all, for a long time you will not be able to fulfill the invented role anyway, sooner or later your self will come out, and the guy may fall in love with the girl you portrayed.