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What to celebrate New 2019 (Yellow Earth Pigs)


The choice of New Year's attire is a delightful tradition. Astrologers claim that the process must be approached with all possible seriousness, to prepare in advance. If you please the little animal patronizing the coming twelve months, all this time will be ensured luck and well-being.

The symbol of 2019 is a patient and scrupulous Pig, but not simple, but yellow and earthy. To please this astrological miracle is not easy. It is necessary to make the maximum effort to find a middle ground between simplicity, brightness and luxury. A good holiday image 2019 combines moderation and elegance. The mistress of the year will not tolerate excessive extravagance.

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What to celebrate New 2019: choose the color of the dress

Ideal - a yellow-brown gamma. Only these shades like not all fashionable women. Do not faint! Astrologers, after consulting with the mistress of the year, make the ladies indulge, expanding the palette.

Good colors:

  • golden;
  • beige;
  • mustard;
  • pale pink (exactly);
  • ash gray;
  • snow white.

Combining them is not forbidden.

Horoscopes claim that the Pig does not like annoying red, blue and green dresses.

Theoretically, it is possible to argue with this, but it is better not to risk it with the patronage of stars. Remember, at stake is twelve months of success and prosperity.

A few words about fabrics. The main requirements - they must be soft and natural. The main focus is on silk and wool. However, astrologers do not particularly insist, allow yoke to dress in chiffon and velvet.

Preferred styles of Christmas dresses 2019

The main holiday trend is simplicity with a touch of romance. What can you do, pigs - they are.

A good choice: A-line, laconic styles a la crayon, dresses with high waists and elegant chlamydas in the Greek style.

You will say: "Boredom"! Designers will argue, offering to surprise others moderately defiant decor.

To the joy of fashionable women, New Year's dresses can be decorated as much as necessary. It is not forbidden to experiment with air ruffles and all sorts of frills, ultra-actual sleeves-frills, exciting neckline. Sequins, beads, embroidery are also allowed, just beware of excessive magnificence bordering on bad taste. Remember: if you overdo it, you will become like the cartoon character Peppa.

Alternatives to dresses

What is the holiday for young ladies who, for whatever reason, do not accept the traditional New Year's outfit?

Designers, after consulting with astrologers, offer several solutions to this problem:

- elegant stylish overalls;

- "Pajama" costumes, which are now at the peak of popularity;

- the classic combination of blouse, skirt.

Color requirements are unchanged. The overall style is laconic romance.

The image must be complete: suitable shoes, handbags, jewelry for the New Year 2019.

Even if you are in a magical night at home with your family, to remain barefoot or in slippers - moveton.

Classic shoes, shoes with or without heels - fit any. But shoe them necessarily! Prefer solid or silver pair, in extreme cases, choose a win-win black.

Ladies who celebrate a holiday in a restaurant also need a handbag. Naturally, this should not be an economic bag. Ideal for a modest elegant clutch to match shoes.

Astrologers warn: forget about jewelry. Decorate yourself exclusively with items made of precious metals, preferably inlaid stones. Warm amber, exciting emerald, mystical ruby ​​or elegant diamond emphasize the elegance of the image. If there is no such box in the box, feel free to pretend with the universal “rain”. The astrological patroness will understand, you see, also help.

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Whatever it was, in what to celebrate the New 2019, everyone defines for himself. We sincerely hope that the holiday will be fun. Let the follower of the Yellow Dog favor you!