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Bechamel sauce in the microwave: a recipe with photos

This amazing sauce can be served absolutely to any dish, be it appetizing fried meatballs, red fish steak, toasted slice of rye sandwich bread. As well as sauce is the main component of many dishes, such as lasagna, julienne or soufflé.

According to the classic technology, the Béchamel sauce is prepared in several stages, you first need to make a base sauce ru, and then dilute it with warm milk or cream, add the necessary spices and boil down to a thick state.

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But according to this step-by-step recipe, you can make such Bechamel sauce in a microwave in a matter of minutes and its taste will be just as tender and savory! Only three main ingredients - wheat flour, milk (cream can be) and butter, are complemented with spices to taste and you get a favorite sauce for the dinner table.

Ingredients for bechamel sauce in the microwave:

  • wheat flour v.s. - 2 tbsp.
  • butter (fat content 82.5%) - 20 g
  • whole milk or cream - 250 ml
  • fine sea salt
  • nutmeg - on the tip of a knife

Cooking Bechamel sauce in the microwave:

First of all, prepare the basis for the sauce bechamel - sauce pv. To do this, put oil in a glass container and put it in a microwave oven at maximum power for about 30-40 seconds. It is necessary that the oil is melted, but not burned.

Now put the flour in this base and knead the mixture until smooth.

Add salt and nutmeg.

We separately heat the milk in the microwave for 2 minutes, it is important that the milk is very hot, then the sauce will be thicker and more lush.

Pour hot milk into the base.

Stir thoroughly with a whisk.

The last stage - we put the container with the sauce in the microwave oven at the highest power for about 1 minute (if you need to achieve more thickness, then at 1.5 minutes), then quickly cool it and serve it to the table.